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Last December, representatives from RLT Atwood had the opportunity of attending the CryptoBlockCon Conference hosted at the Mandalay Bay Center in Las Vegas. The event attracted sponsors, speakers, industry thought leaders, and investors alike from all parts of the globe to establish connections and opportunities for its participants. While learning about the intricacies of leading initiatives within the blockchain sector, RLT was afforded the chance to share its story with the community in attendance. The two-day event offered extensive networking time, speaking panels, and a diverse mixture of start-ups, ultimately contributing to building out distributed ledger technology.

As the broader market continues its downward trend, many have chosen to shy away from attending such conferences, seeing it as an “unnecessary expense”, however, RLT believes that the individuals and groups actively attending these events fall into one of two categories: A category of individual in need of help or guidance, or, an individual who at any cost will seize the opportunity of being part of the next level of foundation for the industry.

The attendees and sponsored projects at CryptoBlockCon 2018 presented a completely different atmosphere from the euphoric “throw money at any project” thriving culture that events carried with them in 2017 before the market correction. The industry has seen a shift to a more serious tone geared towards industry development, and people have begun embracing regulation as the catalyst for further growth in the marketplace. Speakers used their time to discuss the importance of legal compliance through multiple segments such as “Blockchain Legislation and the Governmental Perspective” and “Exploring the Regulatory & Compliance Challenges in Blockchain”. Sponsored startups at CryptoBlockCon offered relevant services such as project advisory, marketing, and consulting, as well as various blockchain protocol solutions such as zero-knowledge proof algorithms or blockchains that trace the value and ownership of expensive artwork, the second most unregulated market in the world.

Most projects recorded negative returns for 2018 and many had to halt operations and close their doors. The market was heavily saturated to a point where innovation would never match. However, as we begin exiting this market cycle, it has become more apparent that while there were a few projects that still didn’t have much direction, everyone involved at this stage understood what it now takes to survive until the market begins to recover and thrive when new money enters.





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